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Warming up the Winter..Anniversary Session

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This amazing couple were so in love after the met they skipped the traditional wedding and went right to the town hall. The only thing they really have besides their own memory is the annual picture they take in front of the town hall each year which in itself I think is beautifully intimate and precious. But lets face it we all want the chance to dress up and stun our beau with our beauty... get the "congrats" and beeps and honks from cars that you'll only ever get galivanting around town in a wedding dress and suit right? So these two decided for their six year anniversary that they would get all fancy, pop some champagne, get the pictures and capture their love at the good ol town hall once again... just fancier this time. That being said.. wearing a dress in New England, near the water, when it's windy....was a challenge but these two knew just what to do to warm each other up. Getting to see the love they have for each other while behind the camera warmed up my heart too. Being that they have been already married for six years it was a pleasure to get to see still so in love still and I think it made the pictures even better, because they know each other so well, like watching a beautiful dance they were so on sync and in tune and knew just what to do to make each other smile. I know they are not alone in not having an actual wedding; especially this year with all its challenges... so let this serve as an example for you that you don't need all the glitz to celebrate your love in a big way. #connecticutphotographer #celebratelove

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