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City Boy and A Country Girl

Get engaged during covid? Having your wedding in a week and still want engagement shots? Have a crazy busy work schedule and three kids to work around? No prob! Lets wake up a 4:30 am... drive to the New London Arboretum and get in an awesome sunrise session!

For Darren & Raquel they did just that! A week before their intimate wedding we were able to sneak in those engagement shots... when we found out the arboretum doesn't open quite as early as we thought it did...all was not lost.. we snuck into the Connecticut College Campus and took some amazing shots.. overcoming obstacles over here

I have to admit that made the shoot so much fun and pretty adventurous, it definitely shows in their pictures! A week later this cute couple and their adorable kiddos tied the knot in an intimated wedding in the prettiest golden field by the river. Darren and Raquel have three kids between them and were all so excited & happy that on that day they were officially a family .. so much love between them all.. Love is truly my favorite thing to capture!

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