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Big City, Big Love

Ok, First of all.... how cute are they? These two were so fun to have a session with!

During the session consultation we talked about the location and the over all vibe they wanted for this shoot. The young and in love vibe definitely came through on this one. I usually asK the couple to make a playlist for themselves to bring on the shoot and connect to my Bluetooth speaker.. it helps relax and loosen everybody up. Fortunately for me they did exactly that and he even brought a speaker too which was 10 times better than mine and could be heard half way down the road.. it helped drown out the passer by's and cars and help them stay in the moment and focused on each other. The bright graffiti background was a perfect backdrop for that edgy look.... (continued below)

and let me tell you after a couple shots they nailed the model look! This was their first photoshoot as a couple so they were a bit nervous at first but between the music and showing them how great they looked on camera they slipped right in to o' naturale mode! They were so happy with the way these came out that they decided to book their engagement session with me too.. so look out for those! I love helping people celebrate their love!!

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