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My name is Britt and I love being  a New England based photographer! I mean there are just so many beautiful backdrops to choose from here... cities, mountains, oceans, woods, fields, rivers... not to mention the ever changing seasons! Ahhh... New England.. Anyway enough swooning. Let me tell you a little about me... I've had a fondness for all forms of expression from very young age, whether it's through a painting, a song or a photo; I think the ability to express ourselves through art is one of the best ways we celebrate the gift of life, sometimes even without use of words!  I believe that capturing special moments before they pass and in a style that is true to your personality and story, is the unique gift of photography. This is especially true because of time... that elusive little bugga we just can't slow down, if only we could. Photography is the only real super power I know of that can help  us to do just that even for just a moment.  My love affair with photography started when I got my first real camera in middle school and at my very first job were I developed film photos. That's right... the good ol'  35mm disposables lol... Photography has been the art form I have always been surrounded by and been most passionate about. I also have a background in print & marketing as well as graphic design which has allowed me to bring those skills over into my work. ( Give me a good cup of coffee and an editing session any day!) . Although I love all art, what I love most about photography is its amazing  ability to catch moments of  Pure Love  in streams of light and time. And the fact that no two sessions are the same; Each session experience is unique to you and your family, in your style, your locations, your vision.. after all these are your special moments and memories.

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What style of photography do you like? Light and Airy? Dark and Moody?  Do you want me to pose you or do you like more candid shots? What's the story of your life would you like to tell? These are just some of the questions we will go over when we connect. We can talk all about how we can make your session as special and as custom to you and your loved ones as possible.  I'm here for ya!

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Check out some of my photo galleries on this website, under the type of session that your interested in. 

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